Designing a new bathroom

Deco bathroom: how to choose?

Accessorize your bathroom is often not easy, then, to find your way, here are some designing ideas for inspiring bathroom, identified among major retailers, the appointment of professionals bathroom.

Fulfill your desires and requirements perfectly

In new construction, you have wide latitude to make decisions, technology to plan. Think of all: Who usually uses the bathroom, from single to family, and what should it offer – a purist solution or a private wellness suite? Want to create a sanctuary or an open bathroom which merges with the bedroom? But also, consider the potential requirements of tomorrow. Your investment in the bathroom must be sustainable.

Set a budget: the price of a bathroom is comparable to that of a kitchen: a few thousand for a functional and modern solution for an individual oasis of well-being or a few hundred for a simple and convenient bathroom, everything is possible. If you want luxury, there is no limit.


Choose a variation of styles, therefore, you facilitate the search for suitable products and combinations Hansgrohe and the designer brand Axor offer the styles of Avant-garde versions, Modern or Classic. Moreover, Axor offers solutions and inspirations for a multitude of individual lifestyles in the bathroom: purist, minimalist, natural or organic. Take your time and get inspired!

Preparing the future: eco-design to e-co-innovation

Eco-design is considered as a complex process and perceived as a constraint by companies. Yet it aims to balance ecological and economic requirements in product development.

The new way of thinking is more global – this is to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product, preserving the objectives of competitiveness, quality and time-to-market. The activity of design, which is already a multidisciplinary field involving a large number of tools and a wealth of knowledge, must now integrate environmental aspects. A recent study has shown that companies engage in a process of eco-design mainly under the pressure of regulation, with the strong involvement of leaders, a clear corporate policy, and brand image and customer satisfaction.

Issues and motivations


The development of methods and design tools is influenced by many factors such as trends, laws, standards and technological developments.

Eco-design is the result of awareness about the state of the planet, threatened by the multiple crises: financial, increase in C02 emissions, “peak oil”, resource depletion, deforestation, climate change, population growth…

5 rules in designing bathroom

To properly furnish a bathroom, many details have to be taken into account. Here are some step by step guides.

The ideal bathroom exists in your head. But if you have decided to move from dream to reality by renovating your old bathroom and create the space of relaxation, which will make all your friends envy, some precautions, are necessary.

Where to place the bathroom in the house?