Designing a new bathroom

Deco bathroom: how to choose?

Accessorize your bathroom is often not easy, then, to find your way, here are some designing ideas for inspiring bathroom, identified among major retailers, the appointment of professionals bathroom.

Fulfill your desires and requirements perfectly

In new construction, you have wide latitude to make decisions, technology to plan. Think of all: Who usually uses the bathroom, from single to family, and what should it offer – a purist solution or a private wellness suite? Want to create a sanctuary or an open bathroom which merges with the bedroom? But also, consider the potential requirements of tomorrow. Your investment in the bathroom must be sustainable.

Set a budget: the price of a bathroom is comparable to that of a kitchen: a few thousand for a functional and modern solution for an individual oasis of well-being or a few hundred for a simple and convenient bathroom, everything is possible. If you want luxury, there is no limit.


Choose a variation of styles, therefore, you facilitate the search for suitable products and combinations Hansgrohe and the designer brand Axor offer the styles of Avant-garde versions, Modern or Classic. Moreover, Axor offers solutions and inspirations for a multitude of individual lifestyles in the bathroom: purist, minimalist, natural or organic. Take your time and get inspired!

Checklist for sanitary dealer

The first decision: how to design the bathroom?

Declination general styles, shower at ground level, separating the areas of wellness and functional, the bathroom and habitat merge – these impressions help you to decide

Harnessing the diversity of technical innovations

Learn about the Technical innovations and give a solid foundation to design your new building. With this knowledge, you can accurately share your desires with the architect or interior designer.

Looking to the future: You should stay flexible with many brands , even choosing an embedded solution, so you can decide for your bathroom today – for example, with a new building – opt for an affordable product  and easy replacement in the future by a more upscale solution. Study the set of revolutionary embedding of brands which is suitable for all solutions and thermostatic mixers.

The bathroom: space for wellness

This room dedicated to relaxation and conducive to well-being by definition, the bathroom needs to offer a relaxing atmosphere and a certain comfort. To do so, there are some colors preferred, materials and substances to prefer and decoration ideas to adopt.


Trend: a bathroom with future

Did you know that the showers at ground level can easily be installed everywhere? A generational bathroom is a treat for families with children because nobody stumbles. But in a single home, one can imagine being less mobile one day. With a far-sighted design, you will not only guarantee the comforts of today but also invest in the future value of your property.

Sound: whether to spread a little relaxing music at bath time or information in the morning, consider installing an integrated speaker in the ceiling above the shower or tub. You can connect to a smartphone via a buried cable to a home dock or Bluetooth.

The heated mirror: it is not fogged just when you need it the most. This option is spreading more and more in the mirrors manufacturers. But if you already have a mirror, you can add a heating film, a single power supply is sufficient.

Good lighting: the idea is to install two independent lighting. The first is around the mirror, preferably on either side and above, so lodge artist. There will be the great convenience for you to see when you are shaving or doing makeup. The second can be recessed in the ceiling and be able to disseminate more subdued and more conducive to relaxation in a hot bath light.


So how to develop it carefully?

How to make the right choice? Easy! Always keeping in mind that a cozy bathroom where you feel good is a space that resembles only itself, building on materials and colors on the walls, like soil, which promotes wellness, well-being while ensuring the course to adapt better to the dimensions of the space allocated to the bathroom. And not to overload this relaxing, heading malignant storage and space saving!


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