5 rules in designing bathroom

To properly furnish a bathroom, many details have to be taken into account. Here are some step by step guides.

The ideal bathroom exists in your head. But if you have decided to move from dream to reality by renovating your old bathroom and create the space of relaxation, which will make all your friends envy, some precautions, are necessary.

Where to place the bathroom in the house?


From the perspective of the development, the bathroom should be located near bedrooms. The idea is to have at least one bathroom (with bath if your children are under 12/13 years and a shower if they are over) near the children’s rooms. When your family consists of more than 4 people, it is more useful to have a bathroom (with just a shower) which is independent, shared by all for their exclusive use.

From a technical point of view, the location of the bathroom will depend on the location of evacuation descents. The equipment (sink, bath, shower and toilet) must be evacuated in a natural slope rate of 1 to 2 cm /m. you should note that you will not be able to remove the bathroom more than 10 meters from the location of these raids.

What is the basic equipment for your bathroom?


  • For family bathroom, you have an area of at least 5 m² to include: a tub 180 x 80 cm minimum, double 120 cm sinks and an additional shower of 80 x 80 cm.
  • For a small bathroom attached to the parents’ room, where an extra bathroom is less spacious, 3 m² may be enough to accommodate a nice 80 x 120 cm walk-in shower and an 80 cm sink wide with a simple basin.

You can also choose to integrate a toilet. If you have not got a separate toilet, it will be a welcome addition for families of 4 or more. This equipment occupies a rectangle square about 60 x 100 cm when integrated into the bathroom.

The choice of the shower in the bathroom


The walk-in shower is very popular, but also very practical. Renovation in old homes, it is sometimes difficult to integrate elegantly perfectly orthogonal shower tray in a room where corners are not availble! Instead, the sealed panel should be tiled, which constitutes the support of the Italian shower. By cons, it is rare to achieve creating a real walk-in shower (walk-in).

The shower wall is an element of great importance. Visually, first, because it will take a prominent place in the room. Second, from a functional point of view, because it then allows you to enjoy many of the shower without flooding the room. Third, also because it’s technically a device that undergoes numerous attacks: water, drips, openings, closings, cleaning … Do not ignore this accessory.

Valves which are installed in a bathtub or a shower can quickly become your best friend in the morning, or your worst enemy. To suit all the family, it must be fitted with a thermostatic valve which prevents you from fumbling around before finding the perfect temperature, a shower head that discharges adjustable jets of water directly on the head and a hand shower for those who want to shower without getting wet hair.

The dry towel and functional design. Be careful with this device because once it is covered with wet towels, towel dry loses not only its design but also its effectiveness. For the more cautious, some models also integrate a blow that effectively and quickly heat up the room.

The laundry option


A laundry room can also come to integrate into the bathroom. A washing machine theoretically occupies a square of 60 x 60 cm. In practice, power supplies and evacuation that are at the rear take up space. We must also reckon with all the storage space you need around to accommodate the laundry basket, the products, the iron … Our advice is to devote a 80 cm deep cupboard by 120 cm wide be comfortable.

The little extras that make all the scence


Sound: whether to spread a little relaxing music at bath time or information in the morning, consider installing an integrated speaker in the ceiling above the shower or tub. You can connect to a smartphone via a buried cable to a home dock or Bluetooth.

The heated mirror: it is not fogged just when you need it the most. This option is becoming more and more in mirrors for manufacturers to install. But if you already have a mirror, you can add behind it a heating film, a single power supply is sufficient.

Good lighting: the ideal is to install two independent lights. The first is around the mirror, preferably on either side and above. It will be powerful for you to manage you for shaving or make-up. The second can be recessed in the ceiling and should be able to broadcast a more subdued and more conducive to relaxation in a hot bath light.


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